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How the film came about...

Obsession is fine for a four-legged animal who is guided by instinct, but for a two-legged animal with opposing thumbs that can put a man on the moon, it is dangerous.

For a long time I’ve wanted to tackle the subject of obsession, but I didn’t want to portray it in its usual forms: drugs, work, alcohol, food, sex, exercise and success. I wanted to write about it using an uncommon metaphorical image.

One afternoon when we still had our old white wool couch, I passed by it with my glasses on. (I always find it surprising how different the world looks through corrective lenses.) Our wonderful old Lab, Sally, must have been rubbing up against the couch for months as her black hairs were embedded into the fibers.

There in front of me was the metaphor I’d been seeking. The sectional had spouted a beard!

Day after day I passed the couch and each time, not only did the beard grow thicker, but this wooly mammoth took on a personality. In my fiction mind it morphed from a comfy landing on which to read a book to a character that had begun to taunt me. I began to explore who this couch was. IT became HE. I found myself asking what made HIM tick and I became obsessed with the idea that he had power.

And then (from God knows where, a product of my muse I suspect,) a woman entered the story. A pretty woman, an ageing woman filled with angst. Though her name is never spoken on screen, in the script she is called SEARCHER. From the very beginning Searcher emerged eccentric and lonely, sublimating her longings and desires on to furniture. But why?

Muses nudged me. “Because she’d been hurt. Hurt, disappointed, humiliated, and abandoned.”

“Who had hurt her?” I asked.

“Mostly likely a man,” replied Muse. “Her father for one. But understand. Complex, high maintenance women like her likely have been involved with several men.” Muse continued. “Searcher has been married and divorced four times as was her mother.”

“Oh,” I said. And then it came clear. Mother was the voice of caution.

“Go out and find yourself a good man, my love,” cooed Mother. “A female alone is unnatural.”

Old school advice from a woman who lolls in the bathtub drinking Mouton Rothchild while hacking away at her bloody wrists.

The more I lived with Searcher and Mother, the more I realized how small and closed their world was. So closed that Searcher soon traded reality for pretenses. The trade led to a dangerous mindset that conveniently blurred personal truths. She allowed the comfort of her surreal environment to take over and she learned the hard way that obsession consumes.

It is said we write what we know. True. I had become obsessed with the idea of a woman being consumed by a couch. In the process I had become a victim of his massive, masculine traits. But I survived his manly charms. Now with the film made, I have left him behind and I’m free.

When I say this, Muse smiles. “Free for your next obsession!”

Financing Warnings

Two years ago my dear cousin, Betsey Stewart, died and left me enough money to produce two short films. I’ve been writing for years and love movies. I’ve written several scripts which have won awards and been optioned, but none got the green light. I decided I’m not getting any younger. If I’m going to fulfill my dream, I’d better get on with it.

Some people have said, “You must be crazy, go take a trip.”

I replied, “I am taking a trip. Writing and producing a film is a journey unlike one I’ve ever taken.”

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